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“We had previously hired a trash service that was always in a rush, and their quality suffered as a result. They left trash strewn around, and our property started looking dirty. It was a nightmare. Switching to Vanguard Waste Solutions was a game-changer. They bring efficiency and quality, making our property spotless, which our residents appreciate.”

—Ann G.

“Our apartment complex wanted to stand out in a competitive market. We decided to offer valet trash service from Vanguard Waste Solutions, and it paid off big time. We attracted tenants willing to pay more for the added value of having someone pick up their trash. It not only increased our income but also enhanced our reputation.”

—Ann D.

“We've been through the wringer with unreliable trash services in the past. It seemed like every other day, the trash collectors wouldn't show up, leaving our property looking like a mess. Vanguard Waste Solutions has been a breath of fresh air. They are, by far, the most reliable service we've had. Our property stays clean, our residents are happy, and we can finally breathe easy.”

—John Huang

“Our apartment complex has seen significant cost savings since partnering with Vanguard Waste Solutions. Their efficient and reliable valet trash service not only keeps our property clean but also trims our operational expenses. The cost-efficiency and professionalism they bring to the table have made a substantial impact on our bottom line. We couldn't be happier with the financial benefits this service offers”

—David K.

“Switching to Vanguard Waste Solutions has been a game-changer for our residents. We used to receive constant complaints about our previous trash service, items being left behind, and trash not being collected properly. Since we made the switch, we've experienced a remarkable reduction in resident complaints. Vanguard Waste Solutions' dedication to reliable, thorough, and hassle-free waste collection has not only elevated our property's cleanliness but also improved the overall satisfaction of our residents. It's a win-win situation.”

—Vic H.

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